The northernmost metropolis presents

C-Tribe x Culture

Conference 2022

A collision gathering providing perspectives on forward-thinking ideas in DEI&B.

Built by and for the culture. | July 20 – 24

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"5 days of creativity and diversity await at the C-Tribe Festival."

- StartupBeat

About the conference

As a global and well-connected community, we are uniquely positioned to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B). C-Tribe x Culture brings together changemakers and leaders to celebrate self-expression, stay abreast of trends and developments in the workforce, and learn how to maximize the potential of individuals and companies.

This five-day immersive conference provides perspectives on innovative and forward-thinking ideas in the DEI&B space and helps address the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The C-Tribe x Culture Conference is for professionals, executives and stakeholders committed to advancing DEI&B in preparation for a more globally inclusive world.

Speakers and Artists

Founder & CEO
Black Pearl Global Investments

Founder & CEO
The Labz

Founder & CEO
MH3 Collective

Environmental Neuroscientist
Gepato Interactive

Founder & CEO

Technology & UX Futurist
Clavis Studio

Leadership Trainer
LifeLabs Learning

Program & Talent Manager

Founder & CEO
Nuwave Equity Corporation

Poet, Playwright
& Performer


Founder @ Black Owned Makers & Black Owned Market

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Trainer

 Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University

Senior Associate, Partnership at WealthSimple Foundation

VP, Social Impact
and Innovation at RBC

VP, Inclusion & Sustainability
Company is Sauce Labs

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Conference Programming


As businesses take stances in support of social movements they effectively position themselves as allies. Allies make the commitment and effort to recognize their privilege and work in solidarity with oppressed groups to enact change in the struggle for justice.  Thoughtful and committed allyship can positively impact organizations in a number of ways, not only creating an environment that invites greater diversity and inclusion and employee engagement but also fostering positive images that can increase brand loyalty and achieve broader corporate social responsibility goals. 

DEI&B Strategy & Planning

The DEI&B Strategy and planning for leaders intersect core concepts and tools from the disciplines of change/transformation, leadership accountability, measurement and action learning from the applied behavioral sciences.

The intended purpose of this programming is to help DEI practitioners gain a deeper understanding of the various levels of the system they must attend to when creating robust and sustainable DEI system-wide change.

Emerging Leadership

The C-suite has never been closer and within reach. Labor statistics indicate that most executive leadership positions will be vacant as senior leaders retire or exit the workforce within the next decade, creating new and exciting leadership opportunities for emerging leaders. The question is, as an emerging leader, will you be prepared for these opportunities when they arise? More importantly, will you have the requisite skills and savvy to successfully transition to executive leadership levels? This certificate is designed to help prepare you, as an emerging leader, for a successful career in leadership positions.

Inclusive Leadership

The demographics worldwide continue to rapidly change, and to build a culturally empowered workforce, companies will need to tap into global brainpower. The internet economy has enabled organizations to have employees, suppliers and customers anywhere globally. As the employee base, management teams, and executive leadership become more diverse, the most successful leaders will need to practice inclusive leadership. Today, we need business leaders who assert their commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the community.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves a person’s awareness of his/her/their own emotions. Further, it includes the ability to handle relationships wisely and with empathy. Emotional intelligence is an immense asset for leaders as it allows them to maintain and control their own emotions while calmly addressing the needs of others. This session will discuss how emotional intelligence can enhance trust, respect, performance, and leadership acumen.


The pursuit of racial justice requires engaging in antiracism, the identification and elimination of policies, practices, values, norms, systems and structures that maintain inequalities and the oppression of minorities and marginalized individuals and communities. Antiracism primarily focuses on dismantling these barriers to promote an equitable environment.

C-Tribe x Culture Festival and Conference

Why Attend

Powerful conversations

Be inspired by powerful conversations and narratives led by DEI&B thought leaders at C-Tribe that can help drive change in underestimated communities.

Career opportunities

In our current climate, upskilling has never been more critical. C-Tribe’s educational content, masterclasses, and talks help you bring valuable skills to your field of work.


Be inspired by powerful conversations and narratives led by DEI&B thought leaders at C-Tribe that can help drive change in underestimated communities.

Diverse gathering

A bespoke curation of visionary culture enthusiasts and influencers. Meet future business partners, suppliers, and collaborators.

Transformational impact

Leaders committed to implementing creative strategies and practices to position their organizations at the forefront of change.

Support cultural industries

Attendees believe in the power of culture to inspire human connection, create social change and support economic and cultural vibrancy.

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Together we are powerful beyond measure

Transform knowledge into impact and drive innovative and cultural change in your organization. 


Dr. Shante Williams

CEO, Black Pearl Global Investments

Dr. Shante Williams is currently the CEO of Black Pearl Global Investments, a healthcare venture capital firm. She is a distinguished Venture Capitalist, business owner, Inventor, Intellectual Property Strategist, Author, and Private Investor. In her career years, she has used her wealth of scientific knowledge as well as her passion for innovation to solve multiple complex problems across the industries of health, finance, and real estate. Dr. Williams continues to break barriers with Black Pearl’s fund focused on reducing health disparities across the globe. Black Pearl is an advocate for those that continue to experience inferior outcomes and reduced access. Black Pearl’s tag line “Be Well. Do Well.” captures the firm’s mission to invest in transformative companies around the world. Dr. Williams and her partners are seeking to change healthcare worldwide.


Dr. Shante Williams | C-Tribe x Culture Festival

Farah Allen

Founder & CEO, The Labz

Farah Allen is an accomplished media innovation leader with over 20 years of experience in technology. Allen is currently the CEO & founder of The Labz: a drag and drop, a no-code digital design platform that creates, communication-rich, interactive websites and live event experiences. Farah has the honour of being the AJC Women of the Year for technology and is featured in publications such as Forbes and The Washington Post.


Farrah Allen - C-Tribe x Culture Festival

Mark Harrison

Founder, MH3 Collective

A lifelong volunteer and entrepreneur, Mark Harrison, has spent the past year examining his relationship with the ventures he leads. Mark started his first business in 1994, T1, a sponsorship agency that exclusively works impactful brands, and his second in 2005 global networking platform – SponsorshipX. In 2020 he co-founded the Black Talent Initiative to support the Black community in professional workplaces. Also, in 2020, Mark helped launch Humanity, a creative agency for the Human Age, and Park Street Education, a non-profit that works to remove all barriers to children’s education. His community involvement includes being the co-chair of the Ontario University Athletics Task Force on Black, Biracial, Indigenous Issues, Board Chair of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto, a volunteer with CAMH and an advisor to several ventures including the Crankworx World Tour, Riff, and NFL Canada. 
Mark is honoured to share his journey from small business entrepreneur, volunteer, and coach to first-time activist with a lot to learn and burning passion.



Mark Harrison - C-Tribe x Culture

Robin Mazumder

Environmental Scientist & Vanier Scholar

Robin obtained his Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Waterloo. His research, applying wearable psychophysiological technology in real-world and virtual reality settings, focuses on how living in cities influences well-being. These research interests are informed by his previous experience working clinically as a mental health occupational therapist in urban environments. He is passionate about urban health, and also actively engages in public outreach, through social media, writing, and public speaking. Moving forward, he is interested in using his skill set and experience in academic and industry settings around societally-relevant research that helps inform practices that ensure cities support well-being.

Twitter · LinkedIn

Robin Mazumder - Environmental Neuroscientist - C-Tribe Festival

Dr. Robin Mazumder

Environmental Neuroscientist

Robin recently obtained his PhD in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Waterloo. His research, applying wearable psychophysiological technology in real-world and virtual reality settings, focuses on how living in cities influences well-being. These research interests are informed by his previous experience working clinically as a mental health occupational therapist in urban environments. He is passionate about urban health, and also actively engage in public outreach, through social media (@robinmazumder), writing, and public speaking, having been invited to give more than 40 talks internationally in the past 5 years. Moving forward, He is interested in using my skill set and experience in academic and industry settings. He sees a huge opportunity ahead to conduct societally-relevant research that helps inform practices that ensure cities support well-being.

LinkedIn  | Twitter

Robin Mazumder - C-Tribe x Culture

Ivan Touko

Founder & CEO, LaConnexional

Originally from Cameroon, Ivan Touko moved to Edmonton in the summer of 2012 to attend the University of Alberta – Campus Saint Jean

In his journey of finding a home away from home, Ivan deeply immersed himself in the Albertan community while volunteering and co-founding many student groups and projects in the Edmonton area. Ivan is now the recipient of Alberta’s Top 30 under 30 award and the Founder & CEO of a few social enterprises such as La Connexional & BOM YEG. Being passionate about dance, Ivan also finds happiness in sharing his love for movements & community building through his open-level Afro Fusion Dance workshops.

Today, Ivan is a student Recruiter at Campus Saint-Jean and is excited to keep pursuing his professional career, as well as, entrepreneurial journey in Edmonton and is continuously looking at new opportunities, especially in the social innovation, youth empowerement and technology sectors. Ivan has now organized, curated and/or hosted over 80+ experiences in the Albertan region and is always interested in growing his network.


Ivan Touko - C-Tribe x Culture

Adetoun Abby Aiyeleye

Founder, Clavis Studio

As Co-Founder of Clavis Studio, Abby is redefining the approach to interior design using immersive 3D technology that showcases the immeasurable possibilities of the metaverse in design and infrastructure planning. Her goal is to drive tech adoption in traditional or less predictable sectors and promote a tech-driven economy by creating jobs and expanding market access for Clavis-powered businesses. Her 15+ years of community work and business footprints trail across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America..


Adetoun Abbey Aiyelye - C-Tribe x Culture Festival

Leadership Trainer LifeLabs Learning

Matt Williams is a social change designer. He currently serves as a Leadership Trainer at LifeLabs Learning, the go-to management development resource for innovative companies (like Lyft, Reddit, Sony Music, and Warby Parker). In his role, he coaches leaders on creating team cultures that institute behaviors of inclusion, effective feedback, people development, strategic thinking habits, and more. Prior to this role, Williams served as a Director in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Wake Forest University, ranked among the top-30 national universities in the United States of America. In his role, he was a senior strategist to the organization’s C-Suite and helped deliver programs and culturally appropriate communication to recruit and retain underrepresented students, faculty, and staff.

As a social scientist, Williams’ research centers the state-sanctioned violence experienced by Black people across the identity spectrum and how its contested online. While most of the nation almost exclusively focuses on police violence that cisgender black men experience, Williams opts to explore the role that gender, gender identity and race play to ensure we develop more holistic solutions to systemic inequality.

In 2016, he co-founded Hustle, a nonprofit focused on growing local economies by shaping equitable systems that bridge the gap of entrepreneurial inequality for women, people of color, and those in marginalized business districts. He holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in Communication and certificates in social justice education. Prominent coverage of his work includes South by Southwest, Public Radio, Fast Company, TEDx, Fortune, Digital Blackness, and Race Forward.

Program & Talent Manager

With a successful 10+ year career in corporate management, people and culture initiatives, within various industries. Nikiesha Lawson, a Community Cultivator, has had a career deeply rooted in the support and development of people. Whether it is building and planning out programs and events professionally, or supporting business planning for under-represented and under-served individuals as an entrepreneur. Nikiesha has consistently exuded a willingness to cultivate and be of service to her community and network, while thinking outside of the box. With a professional experience that has allowed her the opportunity to create and facilitate growth and development programs nationally for recognized corporate brands, focused on entry-level to mid-management roles. Her genuine curiosity motivates her to learn more about individuals, organizations and their “why?” and collaborating to answer their own “Yes, and?” In her current professional role as a Programming and Talent Manager for the Black Talent Initiative, she collaborates with corporate, community organizations, volunteers and stakeholders to create opportunities for Black Talent seeking career advancement through creating and facilitating intentional programs, events, and connections to network. Her success, as both a professional and entrepreneur, has derived from her passion for people, strategies, innovation, and willingness to create or impact spaces as she continues to aspire and inspire others to be your best self.

Founder & CEO Nuwave Equity Corporation

Emiliano Void is the Co-Founder and CEO of nuwave Equity Corporation giving leadership and oversight to all aspects of the organization’s activities. He is responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of systemic solutions centered around the dismantlement anti-Black and systemic racism through profitable and innovative approaches.

Poet, Playwright & Performer

Titilope Sonuga is a poet and performer whose work grasps for moments of tenderness and persistent joy at the intersection of blackness and womanhood. She is the author of three award-winning collections of poetry, Down to Earth (2011), Abscess (2014), and This Is How We Disappear (2019) and has released two spoken word albums, Mother Tongue (2011) and Swim (2019). Titilope has written three plays, The Six; an intergenerational exploration of womanhood, Naked; a one-woman play and Ada The Country, a musical. She has scripted advertising campaigns for global brands and was an actor on the hit television series Gidi Up, which aired across Africa. She is the 9th Poet Laureate of the City of Edmonton.

Co-Founder BlackMINT

Bernie is a seasoned technology advisor in the cloud computing at Google and IBM and artificial intelligence with People.ai. Bernie is committed to raising awareness and creating more avenues for Black youth to get into tech through his work with BlackMINT

Founder @ Black Owned Makers & Black Owned Market

Rochelle Ignacio (she/her) is a safety and inclusion specialist who is passionate about equity, diversity and inclusion. She has a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology from the University of Alberta with a major in Family Ecology and minor in Community Diversity, as well as an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate. She strongly believes in community building, volunteerism, and advocating for marginalized individuals and groups of people. As founding Managing Partner of Black Owned Market and founder of Black Owned Makers she oversees the management portfolio of both organizations. Black Owned Market provides a platform to showcase handmade and creative Black-owned businesses. Under Black Owned Makers a focus is made on supporting the development of Black-owned businesses and distributing their products into new retail environments. Her experience has provided her with knowledge of how systems of oppression continue to create barriers for Black entrepreneurs to realize economic success. This knowledge allows her to advocate for collective rights on behalf of the Black business community and contributes to a sense of belonging leading to positive outcomes and economic empowerment within the community. Her personal goal is to establish Edmonton as an known economic hub for Black-owned businesses, Rochelle is the recipient of Edify Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 award (2021) as well as the African Caribbean Community Leader of the Year award (2020)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Trainer at OBSIDI by Black Professionals in Technology Network

Natalie has a background in creating DEI strategies for organizations looking to begin or further their DEI journey. Her background in community work, public consultations, and research led her to DEIB where she could help turn interest and intention into actions. With a history in private and public organizations, Natalie has worked on several strategies that focus on staff as well customers/ service users.

Olaolu Adeleye

Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University

Olaolu describes himself as Nigerian mentally, with British tendencies, and Canadian sensibilities; traits informed by cultural connections through lived experiences in each of these locales. He has a passion for social development issues seen through the application of an intercultural lens that is informed by his studies in International Development (Dalhousie University, 2008), Poverty Reduction: Policy & Practice (University of London – School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), 2013), and the range of his experiences with several global organizations. He is currently a Senior Consultant with Deloitte’s Government and Public Sector Services and an Associate Faculty member with the School of Communication & Culture and School of Humanitarian Studies at Royal Roads University. Within his various learning environments he translates his international experience into engaging approaches that reframe contemporary global issues. Olaolu is especially interested in international development, international relations and humanitarian innovation – specifically topics relating to equity, social development and diaspora studies.

Olaolu Adeleye

Junior Brempong

Senior Associate, Partnership at WealthSimple Foundation

coming soon!

Junior Brempong

Mark Beckles

VP, Social Impact and Innovation at RBC

Mark has over 25 years’ experience in financial services, Mark has executive leadership experiences in banking, insurance, risk management and non-profit leadership. Mark leads the strategic execution of RBC’s Social Impact portfolios including RBC Future Launch, RBC Tech for Nature and RBC Emerging Artists. Mark also leads stakeholder relations to cultivate and maintain key relationships across Canada including policy makers, partners and stakeholders to advance RBC’s community investment priorities. Mark holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Bradford and has completed executive programs with Richard Ivey School of Business and holds the Institute of Corporate Directors designation (ICD.D).


Jacqui Regenbogen

VP, Inclusion & Sustainability Company is Sauce Labs

Jacqui Regenbogen has worked in the field of DEIS since the early 00s. Her background is in Theatre and Arts as a mechanism for social change. She identifies as a member of the queer community and happily lives with her wife Dawn and two cats in Verona, WI. She is thrilled to be a part of C-Tribe and is looking forward to meeting the amazing humans who attend. For more info about her professional career, please check out her LinkedIn.


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